Raylios eyeOn Cloud Platform is an optimal video cloud solution for manufacturers to convert existing camera-based devices into cloud with seamless integration.

1. eyeOn Cloud Platform has realized the integration of real-time Audio-Video streaming and data transmission.

2. The architecture of eyeOn Cloud Platform is based on mobility, beyond the constraint of territorial operation.

3. eyeOn Cloud Platform is equipped with delicate software & hardware integrated interface.

4. eyeOn Cloud Platform is modularized and thus adaptive to customized function combinations. Evolving with new functions, newly created server modules can be seamless accumulated into the system.

5. It accomplishes the interactive collaboration of IoT Devices and camera-based devices through eyeOn Cloud Platform.

Product Benefits

More flexibility and scalability

Due to modular design, eyeOn Could Platform can be extended to unlimited server scale, server amount and connected devices,
which offers enterprises more flexibility and scalability.

More adaptive to changes

This flexibility of eyeOn Cloud Platform overcomes ever-changing enterprises demands and makes the process
more adaptive to changes.

Peace in mind for technology

All core knowledge and services in the cloud platform are developed and owned by
Raylios, which allows enterprises to have peace in mind for the technology.

eyeOn Cloud Services

Raylios develops the internet P2P and Relay connection technologies to make our cloud solution suitable for real-time video transmission
and pure data transmission.

Raylios’ Smart Media PathTM algorithm can easily find a best path for data transmission, based on the media type, user preference
or administrators’ configuration.

The eyeOn Cloud pushes out notifications to mobile devices whenever user-defined alerts are triggered. For example, the camera will send you an alert to your mobile phone if the camera detects any moving object. Configurable notifications are able to deliver text, image, video clip or sound.

Moreover, from the cloud device management interface, enterprises are able to monitor devices operating status and set up a preventive maintenance plan and schedule, so as to significantly reduce maintenance cost and increase the efficiency of devices.

Various cloud-based services are offered to implement in different vertical applications.

● 24/7 Cloud Recording

Continuous monitor and seamless record on the eyeOn Cloud for effective security purpose with an intuitive account and device management interface.

● Real-time Video & Audio Streaming

With advanced P2P & Relay Technology, eyeOn Cloud offer real-time video and audio streaming without delay.

● Social Media Video Sharing

By default, the video stream is private unless user invites people to access the camera. User may also share video stream on social media in one click.

● Streaming Playback

It supports Android and iOS video playback with Rewind & Forward functions.

● IoT Event & Video Integration

Event index is summarized on video history page and each event is tagged on the timeline, which highlights moments that can not be missed.

Over-the Air (OTA) offers a reliable, secure, and cost-effective method for updating connected devices. Cloud administer can easily upgrade firmware through the eyeOn Cloud Platform.

Raylios develops an account management system for cloud administrator to manage and monitor user account activities.

The eyeOn Cloud Data management server is built on NoSQL databases, which are increasing applied in big data and real-time web applications.

With MQTT, the eyeOn cloud collaborates with other IoT cloud services and ecosystem.

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