eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform

Raylios eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is an optimal solution for manufacturers to convert existing devices into cloud with seamless integration.

1. eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform realized the integration of real-time Audio-Video streaming and data transmission. It accomplished the interactive collaboration of M2M + Audio/Video operating on a single Cloud Platform.

2. The architecture of eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is based on mobility, beyond the constraint of territorial operation.

3. eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is equipped with delicate software & hardware integrated interface.

4. eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is modulized design, adaptive to customized function combinations. Evolving with new function, the newly created server module can be seamless accumulated into the system.

5. The core design concept of eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is to comply with international standard interface of Cloud-to-Cloud integration.

Due to modular design, eyeOn IoT Could Platform can be extended to unlimited server scale, server amount and connected devices, which offers
enterprises more flexibility and scalability. This flexibility of eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform overcomes ever-changing enterprises demands and makes
the process more adaptive to changes. Moreover, all core knowledge and services in the cloud platform are developed and owned by Raylios, which
allows enterprises to transfer their cloud platform easily with more mobility.

One More Thing…
Raylios eyeOn Cloud Platform is an intelligent system and it works like human brain with learning ability.

Service Modules

Raylios develops the internet P2P and Relay connection technologies to make our cloud solution suitable for the real-time video transmission and for pure data transmission.

Raylios’ smart media pathTM algorithm can easily find a best path for data transmission, according to the media type, user preference or administrators’ configuration.

Since users cannot always check the status of connected objects. Raylios eyeOn Cloud continuous helps enterprises to do this job. eyeOn Could engine monitors the status of the connected devices and pushes out the notification to the mobile devices whenever the alert is triggered. For example, the camera will send you an alert to your mobile phone if the camera detects any moving object. Configurable notifications are able to deliver text, image, video clip or sound.

The massive number and types of devices are connected to cloud, and it makes difficult to remote manage if all devices are stay up to date with the latest features and performance improvements. Subsequently, Over-the Air (OTA) offers a reliable, secure, and cost-effective method for updating connected devices. Cloud administer can easily upgrade firmware in eyeOn Cloud Platform. Moreover, from the cloud device management interface, enterprises are able to monitor devices operating status and set up a preventive maintenance plan and schedule, which may significantly reduce maintenance cost and increase the efficiency of devices.

Raylios has devoted in network video and audio technology for more than 10 years. With solid knowledge of video and audio, various cloud-based services are offered to implement in different vertical applications.

● 24/7 Cloud Recording

Continuous monitor and seamless record on eyeOn Cloud server for effective security purpose with an intuitive account and device management interface. Audio is an option to save on the cloud.

● Real-time Video & Audio Streaming

With advanced P2P & Relay Technology, eyeOn Cloud is able to offer real-time video and audio streaming without delay.

● Social Media Video Sharing

By default, the video stream is private unless user invites people to access the camera. User may also share video stream on social media in one click.

● Streaming Playback

It supports web, Android and iOS video playback with Rewind & Forward functions. User does not need to wait for MP4 file download.

● Event & Video Integration

Event index is summarized on video history page and each event is tagged on the timeline, which highlights moments that can not be missed.

Raylios develops an account management system for cloud administrator to manage and monitor user account activities, and enhance the IoT User Experience. With the account management console, the cloud administrator can manage and monitor the following status.

● User Online Status

● User Preference

● IoT Product Ownership and Sharing Status

● IoT Product Access Authentication

● IoT Product Event Subscription Status

With User interface (Web & mobile App), Users can do account subscription and management.3rd-party account authentication is supported, including Facebook and Google.

eyeOn Cloud is designed for “Service Operators”. The Web-based Cloud Management Console is designed for system administrators in order to manage the devices and user profiles & subscriptions. The Management Console can be tailor-made to fulfill the needs for specific application requirements, including various types of statistical reports.

Raylios believes that an effective voice control is an ideal solution to improve user experience in a hassle-free IoT environment. Raylios VCS (Voice Control System) can process voice recognition and convert into commands with high speed & accuracy. In order to increase the voice recognition accuracy, Raylios develops a customization service for specific operation domains by offering user-defined contexts, expandable patterns and keywords. The eyeOn cloud semantic engine, fully developed by Raylios, is equipped with Machine Learning & Deep Learning functions to enhance the efficiency of Semantic Analytics. With in-house technology, eyeOn cloud semantic engine can be deployed in various IoT application platforms via any popular wireless transmission protocols and hardware devices, such as WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc.

Theory (Neuro Network)

Data Mining

Business Intelligence

Analytics Reports

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