Raylios eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform Launches Voice Control System towards Vertical Applications

【2016/9/6】The current majority of IoT applications are adopting WiFi connection of the mobile phone and control IoT devices by finger-tapping the App on the screen. While such tapping-to-control method, usually constrained by the screen size of the phone, is not the best practice for a user-friendly IoT system. Respectively, an effective voice control can be a proper way to improve user experience in a hassle-free IoT environment.

「Meanwhile, the existing voice control solutions in the market are mainly dealing with general situation without dedicating to specifically customized scenarios. Based on the well-built eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform, Raylios has made a triple jump into this field and successfully developed the Voice Control System (VCS) in specific user scenarios.

Raylios VCS can process voice recognition and convert into commands with high speed & accuracy. In order to increase the voice recognition accuracy, Raylios develops a customization service for specific operation domains by offering user-defined contexts, expandable patterns and keywords. The eyeOn cloud semantic engine, fully developed by Raylios, is equipped with Machine Learning & Deep Learning functions to enhance the efficiency of Semantic Analytics. With in-house technology, eyeOn cloud semantic engine can be deployed in various IoT application platforms via any popular wireless transmission protocols and hardware devices, such as WiFi, Zigbee, Zave, 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc.

Raylios VCS has been widely applied to smart home applications in lighting & IR-controllable equipment, and actively expanding into other fields of applications. VCS is going to play a key role in Raylios eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform and keep evolving into smarter functions & algorithms as Raylios next technical milestone.

About Raylios

From Day 1, Raylios has been dedicating in network video software development and hardware integration. Based on real-time audio-video streaming & storage, eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is well integrated with various IoT devices as well as advanced Big Data Analysis capability. With solid software technical foundation, flexible & module design, and highly efficient integration service, Raylios has established successful business models among Telecom-wise applications and will continue to expand into ever-growing IoT application markets. The vision of Raylios is to consistently improving and enriching the quality of artificial intelligence, and ultimately to make human life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

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