Raylios is Announced that the Issuance of the US Patenting on Cloud-based Time-lapse Imaging Technology

【12/07/2016】Raylios Technology is honored to announce that the issuance of the US Patenting on “Cloud-based Time-Lapse Imaging Technology”.

Time-lapse videos are characterized in enabling users to display a long event in a short period of time. This characteristic allows the time-lapse video to be used in almost every field of our daily life and producing fast-paced & value-added videos. This patent covers a method for applying cloud-based time-lapse imaging systems, in which the front-end video images will be uploaded & processed on Raylios Cloud platform. More importantly, the cutting edge cloud-based time-lapse imaging systems of Raylios may dramatically reduce the need of high bandwidth with fewer data usage to the server. Meanwhile, this mechanism offers a secure and hassle-free way to rapidly link videos to APP & sharing with others easily.

“Cloud-based video technology has been one of the core knowledge of Raylios. Obtaining the US patent of cloud-based time-lapse imaging systems is definitely another milestone for us” says Kevin Juan, CEO of Raylios Technology. “We will keep on investing in the cloud-based video technology in the future and offer our customers more competitive solutions for the IoT area.”

About Raylios

From Day 1, Raylios has been dedicating in network video software development and hardware integration. Based on real-time audio-video streaming & storage, eyeOn IoT Cloud Platform is well integrated with various IoT devices as well as advanced Big Data Analysis capability. With solid software technical foundation, flexible & module design, and highly efficient integration service, Raylios has established successful business models among Telecom-wise applications and will continue to expand into ever-growing IoT application markets. The vision of Raylios is to consistently improving and enriching the quality of artificial intelligence, and ultimately to make human life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

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