Vertical Solution

● eyeOn IoT (Smart Home)

Raylios eyeOn cloud platform has partnered with telecom companies in South East Asia, East Asia and North America to launch their Smart Home Services since 2014. Security, Surveillance and cutting-edge Home Automation services have brought a brand new lifestyle to the users.

Turning on a lamp or ceiling light from a wall switch is an old-fashioned way, lights can now be controlled simply by a voice command or an artificial intelligent system; constantly real-time monitoring your doors and windows can be as easy as you imagine. With the help of smart security cameras and sensors, the App on your smartphone sends an instant notification and video when any abnormal activity is detected, alerting you on time. You can verify if all doors are closed even if you are away from home. Electrical devices will automatically turn off if it does not detect human movement for a certain period. You can save energy by remotely switching off peripheral devices when they are not in use.

By 2017, there will be over 500,000 families and small business subscribe the cloud service powered by eyeOn IoT cloud platform.

● Smart Farm

eyeOn Smart Farm platform has successfully applied to indoor plant factories for delivering 24/7 visible growing environment and assure efficient quality food production. By intergrading and installing sensors on the ground, data from soil, plant and environmental variables are collected and transmitted to eyeOn Cloud. The advanced predictive algorithms turn data into insights and deliver real-time irrigation actions. If sensors collect any unusual data, the farmers and farm managers will be instantly received alerts remotely and they could check the situation via the app. eyeOn Smart Farm Platform increases sustainability and competitiveness in their productions and delivers tangible benefits for any types and sizes of farms.

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