The architecture of eyeOn Care

eyeOn Care Cloud Platform

Smarter & Faster. More Intuitive. More Interactions

eyeOn Care Cloud Platform enables users and their families to monitor their health status effectively and efficiently. eyeOn Care Cloud Platform provides a one-stop solution from mobile apps to web admin portal and it allows healthcare provider organizations rapid to the market with lower R&D spending and less technology risk.

Cloud-based Data Driven

All readings are transmitted from devices to eyeOn Cloud via mobile apps, which ensures the consistency, timeliness and accuracy of data. Users can export results as a PDF file and share it with the healthcare provider or their families, allowing them to get an overall picture of the health.

Big-Data Analytics

eyeOn Care’s app becomes users’ digital log books in simple and easy ways. With eyeOn Care’s Advanced Analytics, users can generate beautifully-designed charts and graphs in a few clicks and it helps users’ stay on top of the health. Collecting physiological data is intended for research by enabling further analysis, prediction, and data mining.

Push Notifications

The intelligent system of eyeOn Care will automatically push notifications to users for tracking, reminding, and caring users. Push notifications will also be received as a reminder of taking medicines, refilling prescriptions and even clinic appointments.

Intelligent System

With Voice Control Function, elderly and person with disability can easily to control lighting and air conditioning systems. Besides, the modularized live video transmission facilitates remote health monitoring and care from caregivers, and families. More importantly, intelligent decision support function increases productivity of the workforce and it also helps caregivers deliver accurate services by utilizing eyeOn Care Cloud Platform.

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